completed April 19, 2019

Yet another season of Alone brings another challenge to me.  This one gets a bit frosty so I put on my winter jacket and got to work.

For this one, the initial ask was to show closeups of something freezing, then turning to ice, then you realize it is the ALONE logo, then it shatters.  Initially, we were going to use footage of the people you hear speaking - making them visible only through the ice as it develops, but we never got the footage, and everyone was really liking how it was looking without.

This was my first time working with both Arnold and X-particles (for Cinema 4d).  One interesting thing about how I built this is: I created all of the 3D work in one timeline/project.  That means the camera actually cuts from one location to another to cover the action.  The shader for the text actually evolves growing frost all the way to solid ice, and the X-particle snow storm goes from light flurries to a full-on blizzard in a matter of 20 seconds.  This was challenging to coordinate everything, but also really fun.

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